In today’s cut throat environment companies have to value their customer with some quality services. This software will be helpful in enhancing, retaining and acquiring new customer. Odoo CRM built within Openerp is more robust than the existing CRM. Experience the benefits of Vtiger, SugarCRM, Salefroce.com at a fraction of the cost. We have both SAAS as well as hosted solutions. If you are using an integration of Odoo OpenERP and Vtiger or SugarCRM and find the integration difficult to maintain, Odoo CRM is for you.

Features of odoo CRM

Key Benefits

  • Better evaluation of effective Campaign Management through RO.
  • Power of high level accuracy in Sales Forecasting.
  • 360 degree view of Customer Interaction , Collaboration & Management
  • Gateway to active Partner Relationship Management.
Comparative analysis below between the existing Odoo OpenERP CRM, Odoo CRM(Community Version) and Odoo CRM(Enterprise Version).

Feedback and Inquiries

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