Wireless Network

Installation and auditing of Wifi Networks

We specialize in wireless network installations, getting to provide Wifi coverage in places with difficult access. Where the presence of wiring is a problem, the implementation of a Wi-Fi network can be studied , both in indoor and outdoor environments. We have solutions for all types of Wifi installations , adapting the installation to the needs of the client and using the latest technologies from the best manufacturers.

At any time and from any room or place in your premises you can access the Internet. We have specific solutions for hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants. Our technicians will deploy a wireless network in your business, without any disruption for your residents and customers. The user control systems will allow you to have total control over the access of your guests and clients, allowing commercial exploitation of it. If you wish, you can charge for access, in a very flexible way, making the initial investment profitable in a very short time. It offers the most demanded service in all hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes, Internet.