360 Group is equipped with highly experienced team from last many years in the the IT environment. We have more than 10 years of media experience and the company is developing solutions and have a sufficiently trained team continuously working for providing better services and increasing the satisfaction of its users.


Currently the teams of 360 Group have more than 10 years of media experience in the IT environment. The staff has an average age of 36 years. Nothing is impossible if you have the right means. With a good motivation, a friendly environment and a sufficiently trained team, practically any project can be carried out.


A highly motivated and mature team, which highlights a high percentage of permanent contracts, which exceeds 90%, of which the remaining 10% are permanently reserved for professional practice positions intended for university students.

Passion for Software

A human team deeply proud of its products and prepared to design and implement the management solution that your company needs. A large team made up of software engineers and business analysts with a clear product orientation. The company works every day to develop solutions and provide increasingly better services, continuously increasing the satisfaction of its users.

Innovative Spirit

A team permanently oriented to business excellence, to be constantly innovating through the most avant-garde technology, and to achieve the best business results for our clients.