Cuiner RESERVAS is our new booking system for restaurants on the Web that allows the restaurant sector to manage reservations independently . If the restoration business has the TPV of Cuiner Software, both applications are integrated perfectly, and reservations are shown directly and can be managed from the floor plan.

Configuration of Reservations

The application, available from, allows you to take advantage of the entire structure for the purposes of Company / Locals / Users and their privileges. Our restaurant reservation program allows total control over the configuration. In this way you can configure:

  1. The calendars . Days that the establishment is open, closed or during vacation period.
  2. The services and areas . They allow to personalize the colors, dates of the service, schedules and maximum capacities to attend diners by time slots.

By launching the New Reservation form, you access the file with indispensable fields to take the reservation. This tab reminds customers who have previously reserved, either by phone or by name. It also offers information through colored bubbles that indicate in a very visual way the status of a client and right next to it, the date of the last reservation. The program includes the tabs of Other data and Allergens, being these informative or of added value, serving to improve the control of the reserve, for statistics, to obtain information that you want to work on the reports, etc.

Our clients can work with several views.

The Calendar view indicates, in graphic form and through colors, the availability for each service and day. The Services view indicates in graphic form the availability and occupation by time slots, zones and available services of the day. The Occupation view shows mainly the occupation per table and time of use of the table. The List of reservations view shows the reservations of the day ordered by hour. It also allows us to view more information, manage the reservation and view the history.

In order to take full advantage of the database generated in the collection of reservations, the Cuiner Software reservation program provides a section of Reservation Reports, where we find a screen with all the data and a very powerful filtering tool. ordination.Each generated view can be saved to have quick access to different reports and integrates an exporter of the desired view in Excel format.

The integration within Cuiner TPV allows us to work with Reserves for management purposes as would be done from but adding the possibility of assigning the table to the reservation from the room plan itself. The button to enter reservations management is in the bar of the room plan, where we have the option to enter to manage reservations and an option to refresh the data (download reservations made in

Cuiner TPV only works and manages reservations for the day. If you need to manage reservations for other days, the system directly access In the room plan there are some labels on the upper part of the tables where the example values ​​are indicated: 15:00 Time of the next reservation, (2/1) 2 Adults and 1 Child.

In our reservation software for restaurants, the first reservation for the table is always displayed. The labels are superimposed, therefore, the following reservations for the same table are stacked below the visible label. At the moment that a reservation is validated, or canceled, etc., the following will be shown.

The work screen to manage reservations is a selector that shows the list of reservations, being able to filter (hide / show) by the status of the reservation: Pending / Has come / Canceled / Not presented. In the upper bar, there is the button to change the status of a reservation. This change is made in both Cuiner TPV and, it is fully synchronized and immediately and transparently for the user.

At last, a professional management and own reservations

In short, a necessary program in the current landscape of software for restoration in Spain, in those establishments with a high volume and differentiated service areas. On the one hand Cuiner RESERVES allows to work with a non-third-party platform (with which the anonymity and «ownership» of customer data is guaranteed) and on the other hand, no significant commissions are incurred for the management of each reservation. At the same time, our reservation software takes an important step in innovation in the sector, by providing levels of personalization and adaptation to the way of work of the establishment never seen.