Registry without complications and immediate

Once received the payment of your domain, it will be registered, 24 hours a day, including holidays.

Complete DNS management from your control panel

With us changing the dns servers of your domain is an easy and immediate task that does not require any intervention by x4Fire.

Whois Contact Information

Change the contact data of your domains easily and immediately from your management panel.

Web Redirection

If you already have a website in another site, you can point your new domain to an existing URL, for example to a website hosted on a free server, or point your domain to another domain that already has hosted with us, or another provider.

DNS zone

If you are an expert user, you can manage your dns entries as you wish (MX, A, CNAME, etc), for example, point your domain to an external ip where your website is hosted.

Automatic Renewals

Set up your domains to be renewed automatically every year, thus avoiding having to be aware of all the years of the domains you have to renew.