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    Wireless Mouse Bluetooth RGB Rechargeable Mouse Wireless Computer Silent Mause LED Backlit Ergonomic Gaming Mouse For PC Laptop      


Ergonomic vertical mouse by DELUX Features and specifications: 1. M618 plus RGB (wired mouse): DPI: 800/1200/1600/2400/4000 Location tracking: Optical Buttons: 6 Light:RGB 2.M618 plus single color (wired mouse): DPI: 600/1000/1600 Location tracking: Optical Buttons: 6 Light:single color (Blue) 3.M618 plus wireless (wireless mouse): DPI: 800/1000/1600 Location tracking: Optical Buttons: 6 Light:(without light)   Remarks: This product(M618Plus) [...]


Delux M618Mini Bluetooth 4.0 + 2.4G Wireless Mute Vertical Mouse 4 Gear DPI RGB Ergonomic Rechargeable Mice for PC Laptop Smart Phone M618 mini is a dual mode ergonomica vertical mouse, you can switch between wireless and bluetooth mode freely.  Much smaller than M618 and M618 Plus mouse always pay attention to your health, 4 [...]